The Beachmaker 

The Beachmaker Hotel brings all the imagery, beauty and spirit of your favorite beach town into one experience at Madeira Beach. It’s a landing for comfort-seeking sand slingers who want to vacation without feeling like a tourist. As an owner, you get to provide your guest with an experience like no other. All without lifting a finger.

A Project Deep Dive 

The Brands Behind The Brand


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Our hotel celebrates one hundred years of this Madeira spirit, made from the pioneers and reimagined by today’s sun seekers.

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About The Project

At The Beachmaker, guests will enjoy modern Art Deco architecture with a casual beach vibe. The design is inspired by the entrepreneurial spirit of the founding developers who pioneered the access to the island during the 1920s. Previously unattainable by heavy mangrove and tropical wooded areas the new beach community was named after the Portuguese island of Madeira, which means “wood” in their native language.
Dynamic spaces boast the monumental days of the island’s opening with the Mitchell Bridge, which was named as a result of
a gamble through a chess match between the founding developers Noel Mitchell and Alfred Archibald. This was a true testament of their love for games. Mitchell named the bridge and Archibald was the first vehicle to cross it. They continued to share the discovery of this coastal area by opening a casino, bath house and restaurant for friends and family to enjoy.
The hotel and public ground level park stand as the Town Center residing on a triangular block parcel between downtown Madeira and the public beach access of Archibald Memorial Park. The hotel and resort-like amenities will bring a revitalized energy to Madeira Beach and become the iconic landmark of entertainment and commitment to community.

Unit Types

  • 171 Total Units
  • 161 Condo/Hotel Units
  • 10 Residential Units
  • 5 Unique Room Types


  • Condo/Hotel Units- $700k-$2mm
  • Residential Units- $3mm-$4mm

Unit Use

  • Fully Managed, Hands Off Ownership
  • Every Unit Comes Fully Furnished
  • 90 Days Of Personal Use Per Unit 
  • Penthouse Units Are 30 Day Minimum Rental

Project Features

  • World Class Autograph Collection Hotel
  • Two Resort Pools
  • Flyover For Direct Beach Access
  • State Of The Art Fitness Facility
  • A Highly Coveted Wedding/Event Space
  • Multiple Restaurants, Bars & Shopping


The only condo-hotel in North America that's part of the


A Product Of Vision

Each hotel in our collection is inspired by a clear vision, soul, and story. This creates elements so impactful you can feel the devotion in every sinew of the experience.

Heartfelt Design:

We believe that beauty without heart is meaningless. That’s why each of our hotels is thoughtfully and purposefully designed to embody its story, sparking emotional satisfaction with every detail.

Dedication to Craft:

Driven by a dedication to delivering boutique hospitality, each hotel’s experience is carefully crafted through passion and expert skill, leaving a vivid imprint long after you’ve left.

A Sense of Place:

You don’t need to leave your hotel to feel a sense of time and place. We handpick hotels that are intimately connected to their surroundings and, in turn, become part of the local fabric.

The Guest Experience

Photos are for inspirational purposes only. Actual spaces will vary. (2)


Clearing the way through treacherous wooded areas to allow everyone to enjoy this spectacular coastal area is a driving spirit at the heart of this story. Warm wood stains and natural textures layered over subtle silhouettes of a tropical skyline will bring a sincere welcome to the reception and lobby lounge area as you feel a true sense of discovery.

Lofty spaces drenched with natural light will bring optimism as you make your way through the lobby bar and lounge where the soft pallet balances the awe of this dynamic space with flesh tones contrasted by bold pattern.


*** Images and design is for inspirational purposes only. Actual design and layout may vary.

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Such A Suite Experience

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Guest Suites & Villas

The 129 suites are a refreshing retreat from a warm
sunny day bringing a cool pampering experience of an exclusive resort with all the casual comforts of a beach villa. Art Deco patterns with clean, simple details layered throughout the design provide an overall upscale affect. With so much do and see your guests may not spend much time in their room. But the time they do spend, will be memorable.


*** Images and design is for inspirational purposes only. Actual design and layout may vary.

Two Pools Are Better Than One

Beach Style Pool

The family friendly pool is located directly off the lobby and adjacent to the restaurant and pool bar. Close access to the beach bridge make outdoor play easy.

Club Style Pool

The beach club style pool brings a quieter upscale pool experience with larger fully furnished cabanas and guest suites that have their own cabanas with direct access to the pool. Relax, refresh and enjoy everything the Florida sunshine has to offer.

Pool Side Dining

The pool bar, located next to the beach style pool is a hidden treasure as you find your way to the space nested at the southwestern end of the amenities deck for an additional bar experience. The pool bar has a casual “walk up” setting where you can order drinks and food throughout the day.

Good Views. Good Food. Good Times.

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Sunset Terrace & Bom Bom Pool Bar

The Sunset Terrace spills out from the Lobby Bar positioned to take in the most spectacular views of the Gulf Coast horizon. It is entertainment at its best! Guests will be situated between both pools cradled within lush tropical landscape.

The terrace is a great area for conversation and intimate rendezvous. Fire pit groupings and comfortable lounge seating offer many social options. This will be the place to be at sunset and into the evening as you enjoy nature as an amazing, authentic backdrop.

The Bom Bom pool bar, located next to the beach style pool is a hidden treasure as you find your way to the space nested at the southwestern end of the amenities deck for an additional bar experience.

*** Images and design is for inspirational purposes only. Actual design and layout may vary.

Surrounded By Fun

Photos are for inspirational purposes only. Actual spaces will vary. (3)

Dining, Shopping, Entertainment and More

The park is between the hotel and Gulf Boulevard on the ground level located by the restaurants and retailers of the resort. Feature restaurants will spill onto the park areas for an authentic outdoor dining experience.

In the true spirit of the founding family the park remains open to the community and is designed to invite private and public ceremony and celebrations.

Tropical landscape, reflecting water features and garden architectural structures make the perfect setting for those momentous occasions you want to share with family and friends.

You will find unique shoppes on the downtown side of the hotel and off the promenade located conveniently at the arrival level of the hotel. This thoroughfare links the street front to the park and to the feature restaurants on the beachside.

Beach cruisers make it easy to explore the local area where you will feel the pride, commitment, and friendly nature of the Madeira Beach community.

*** Images and design is for inspirational purposes only. Actual design and layout may vary.

A Rich History With An Even Brighter Future

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Where It All Began

Madeira; Portuguese for “wooded” was named by Albert
(Bert) Archibald as the beach was abundant with trees. The name had a special meaning as an honor to his brother, Ira, from which the unique spelling could be found in the word.
Tourism in the area began in the early 1900s with day trips by ferry to what was deemed “the jungle”.
With the rise of technological advancement in the 1920s, the Welch Causeway was constructed, and Archibald was the first to cross the bridge by car.
Together, Welch and Archibald built a number of recreational properties from bathhouses to amusement parks to casinos, kickstarting the development of the surrounding area.

When A.B. Archibald first set foot
on his newly acquired island property, he loosened his tie. For a century since, people have flocked to Madeira Beach to do the same. They trade expensive vacations for a more unexpected luxury: the freedom to be yourself.

The Future

There were pioneers here before us.

They had a vision.

They created a destination.

They made a community.

But today, it's all of us that will carry this dream forward.

We will continue to write this legendary story.

We just need your help to do it.

Financing Made Simple With

Bank Of OZK

Condo hotel loan options vary from traditional loans. Which is why we have created a program with the Bank Of OZK to make the process transparent and simple.

The product is a 30 year 7/1 adjustable rate mortgage—the first 7 years are fixed rate and then in year 8 and every year later the rate can change annually.  No prepay penalty at any time.

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